PURE H: A Grandiose Swiss Sports Car Project at the GRAND BASEL

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PURE H has announced its super sports car project at the GRAND BASEL Trade Fair, where automotive masterpieces- exemplary expressions of art, design and lifestyle - can be seen; an elegant complement to the world-renowned Art Basel and Baselworld exhibitions. "I am very pleased to be able to attend the premiere of the fair and to offer enrichment to aesthetically-oriented sports car lovers," says the creator of PURE H, who as a trained economist, and thus from outside the industry, simply followed the call of his affection: PURE H - passion beyond reason. At the forefront of Rene Schmidli's vision are design, proportion and harmony of appearance and the employment of exquisite materials, with due attention to the luxury factor as well as the possibility of actually using such a vehicle on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with a hyper car, which is single-mindedly concerned with surpassing existing technical limits. [gallery type="single-slider" link="file" size="large" ids="1392,1393,1394,1395,1396,1397,1398,1399,1400,1401"] The concept can be seen at the GRAND BASEL in the form of a meticulously detailed 1:4 model, in a wonderful 80-page book that explores the vehicle in various chapters, and in the accompanying teaser video. Parallel to the development of the design, initial concept studies with respect to technical feasibility and registration criteria have been conducted with renowned coachbuilders. The template for a small series, based on a carbon chassis, are existent, be it for a race track version or a homologated electric racer. This could bring the vision to life. PURE H: Long live sporty luxury in design perfection.  

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